Friday, June 3, 2011

Twiducate, Twitter for Your Students

My students loved when I would turn on the Tweetdeck. I follow some great groups such as #elearning, #edchat, #edtech, and #edapps. The students knew that these groups could lead to new ideas, Skypes, or collaborations. When we had free time between specials and lunch we would see what educators where talking about. When I introduced the class to the student version of Twitter, Twiducate, they were excited. Twiducate runs like Twitter but is in a very closed environment. Students can only "Tweet" to those I sign up into our group. They can live chat, share ideas, and ask questions, thus staying in touch. It is also a great place for teachers to extend lessons, post homework or just communicate with students. To check out Twiducate click here.

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