Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Khan Academy, Google Forms and the Flipped Math Class

I have decided to have my third grade math class watch Khan Academy videos at home, complete a Google Form in response to the videos and then review the material in class. I guess you could say I am working towards a flipped math class. So far students and parents love the idea. I have noticed that math homework is done the minute they get home from school as there is a date and time stamp. Also, all I have to do to check the student work is print out a two page Google Spreadsheet that occurs because of the Google Form. Now how cool is that? Khan Academy also offers the ability for teachers to become student coaches. If you chose this route you get all kinds of data. I am not that far along yet, and it is only third grade. But based on my early success with this FREE product, who knows where this might lead me? Take a look at the videos and forms on my website here.

Want to check out Khan Academy? Look here.

A TED video about Salman Khan and Khan Academy

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